The RTAG Youth Ministry Department exists to promote the necessity of a relationship with Christ among our future leaders within the church and community, coordinate, empower and facilitate the holistic development of youth within the Fellowship.


Its overall goal is to foster the holistic growth of the local church as it fulfills its mandate, to reach the world for Christ.


  1. To provide leadership training opportunities for leaders and prospective leaders through the work of the Holy Spirit within Revival Tabernacle Church on an ongoing basis.
  2. To foster and facilitate the development of the gifting, talents, and abilities in the lives of our youth.
  3. To be a leading voice throughout the world on the current issues that affect youth.
  4. To establish and maintain a vibrant Mission program, to continue to evangelize the world for Christ.


The mission of TRUTH is to equip the Church to Win, build and send students into the world for the cause of Jesus Christ. This is a biblical mandate and model for youth ministry. Win, Build & Send is the three-part CAUSE of the Lord Jesus is disciple-making through the power of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus called the first disciples, he said, "Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Mt. 4:19, NIV)

  • "[Come] follow me" - WIN, the call to be a follower of Jesus Christ
  • "I will make you" - BUILD, the call to become more like Jesus
  • "fishers of men" - SEND, the call to continue Jesus' mission

Jesus' words in the classic Great Commission passage (Mt. 28:19-20) reflect the same win, build and send call. Jesus' final words in Luke 24:49 and Acts 1:8 declare the empowerment for the call in the promise of the Holy Spirit.


The Revival Tabernacle Church is winning, building and sending youth to answer this “call”. We believe God is calling for more young disciplined followers of Jesus Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit, anchored in the Word of God, forged in the character of Christ and championing the kingdom of God as lifelong, productive members of the Body and the cause of Christ.